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Essential Oils Blends

Essential oils blends are blending pure essential oils with base oils in order to create unique and highly aromatic perfumes and to create essential oil mixes with strong therapeutic benefits which can help treat a wide variety of conditions.
Although blending essential oils is great fun, it is a science and you should only blend essential oils if you are confident that you have a good understanding of essential oils and their properties. Remember that some essential oils are hazardous and others may cause a negative reaction if you suffer from any allergies, respiratory conditions or you are pregnant, so check with your GP first. No essential oils should be applied directly to the skin unless they have been diluted with a carrier oil such as one of vegetable oils.

Product Name
Product Name
Weight Losing Massage Oil Blend Facial Blood Vessel Improving Massage Oil Blend
Eye Shadow Relieving Massage Oil Blend Rejuvenation Massage Oil Blend
Tea Bush Essential Oil Lavender Essential Oil
Hand And Foot Care Massage Oil Blend Pouch Relieving Massage Oil Blend
Eye Care Massage Oil Blend Skin Success Massage Oil Blend
Rosemary Essential Oil Scar Restore Massage Oil Blend